Forgotten Password - Motorola AppCenter

Forgotten / lost your AppCenter password for your Motorola device? First, try "symbol" as a password - this is the default for AppCenter - it might save you a little time!

If "symbol" doesn't work, dock your device to your PC using Microsoft ActiveSync and click the "Explore" button to browse the files on the device.

Navigate to the "\Application" folder and locate the "AppCenter.reg" file. Copy this file to your machine and open with notepad. If this file does not exist on your device, you will need to copy all the registry files onto your machine, then open each file in turn in notepad and look for the following entry;


Beneath this registry entry there will be two GUIDs.They will look something like this;


Remove these two entries from your registry file and save it.

Copy the registry file back to the device in the "\Application" folder.

Cold boot the device. (Usually press and hold the 1 & 9 keys then press the power button.)

The device should now boot and the default password of "symbol" should now be active.


  1. When a program runs on App Center, clicking Blue Key + P which is "OK" takes the user back to the App Center. Is there a way to change this key combination?

  2. What device are you using? On the WT4090 and MC3190 I can't see an "OK" function key.

    I suspect the issue lies in the application's handling of the key press, rather than the device itself. I've never re-mapped keys and wouldn't recommend it as you can never be sure what other applications rely on it.

    If you develop the application yourself, you may debug the application on the device and trap the keycode that occurs when this key is pressed and prevent it from causing the application to close / minimize.

    If you don't control the application your only options are a key re-map or to contact the application vendor about the issue.

    Don't know if you know how keyboards work but this is a useful resource;

    My understanding is that the keyboard will send a numeric code to the keyboard driver which may or may not "translate" that for Windows into a virtual key code. So to re-map you must change the configuration of that driver which belongs to the device manufacturer (Motorola I'm assuming). Motorola provide "Keypad Mapping" tools for this very purpose - so search their support site for the tools for your device.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I use Motorola MC75A. Our application is running on AppCenter for users not to be able to navigate to OS desktop and launch other apps. AppCenter uses OK key code to exit running application and get back to AppCenter user screen. I just need a more complex key combination for that functionality because users sometimes hit OK by accident and they find themselves in AppCenter.

  4. I'd look at re-mapping the key using the key mapper tools from the Motorola support centre - not sure what keycode number, though - afraid we don't have any MC75A devices on site.

  5. We use the MC9090 and to reset the password I just deleted "AppCenter.cfg" in "Applications" folder, then did a Cold Boot. Hope this helps. Cheers...

  6. Or navigate to Application Folder > Start Up and delete the AppCenter file

  7. My 9060 does not have a dock. What should I do

    1. If "symbol" doesn't work as a password I'm not sure you can get round it... it would be pretty useless as a protection method if you could, to be fair.

  8. no such file as [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symbol\AppCenter]


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